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Linux and open source software on USB flash drives

Linux and Open Source Software on USB Flash Memory Drives

As well as Linux and other open source software on CD and DVD, we also supply Live USBs using high quality USB flash memory drives.

A Live USB acts like a standard Live CD or DVD but is faster, may offer persistent saving of settings changes, software downloads, installations (depending on distro) and spare drive space can be used to save any other files like any other flash drive.

A Live USB will allow you to boot* into a Live Desktop mode to try and/or install Linux, and Ubuntu based distros allow persistent saving which means any settings and installations via the live mode will be saved to the USB drive (up to 3.99 GB). These USB drives are ideal for computers and laptops without a CD/DVD drive.

Please note that a Live USB contains the files of a bootable Live CD/DVD and isn't a full installation on the USB drive.

If you would like to create your own Live USB, pendrivelinux.com is a good place to start. More details about Live USBs can be found on Wikipedia here.

Please refer to the individual distro pages from our Home page for details of each distro.

Live USB Drive Details:

  • A bootable Live USB for select Linux distributions and other open source software.

  • USB Drive: 8 GB high quality Kingston DT Micro** USB 2.0 with a manufacturer's 5 year warranty (as seen in the image above).

  • Storage: Live image files (i.e. 700 MB - 4.5 GB) + up to 3.99 GB persistent saving (if applicable) + remaining writable drive space (8 GB drives have a formatted maximum total drive space of approximately 7.5 GB).

  • Format: These USB Live drives are in the recommended FAT32 format.

  • The USB drives used are small form factor drives, which means less of the drive is exposed making these ideal for use with laptops (they can't be knocked or dislodged during use like larger drives) and can be left plugged into laptops if required.

Receive the latest version

When ordering a Live USB from us, we will always send you the latest version of the software unless you request otherwise. In the case of LTS (Long Term Support) versions we will use the latest LTS version instead of the latest non-LTS version unless you specify otherwise when ordering.

* Please check that your computer is able to boot from USB before ordering. Most newer computers can boot from USB but many older computers won't have this option, nor can these Live USBs be used with Intel based Apple Macs.

** Please note that by default we use the Kingston DT Micro drives wherever possible, however we reserve the right to supply on a similar USB drive (a high quality brand similar in size, i.e. SanDisk, Verbatim) if we are unable to obtain Kingston drives.

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